Year 8 APP Lessons

AF 1
We are learning about how science uses models to explain our world, and how scientists collect evidence to help support or change these models.
Case Studies: How scientific evidence is checked by scientists, models for magnetism, the Bermuda triangle mystery.
Mini LAT: Models to explain the Bermuda Triangle.

AF 2
We are learning about how science exists in our everyday lives, from the jobs people to do to how science changes our lives for better or for worse.
Case Studies: Jobs linked to science, scientists and their solutions, the development of rocket science.
Mini LAT: Dr Who: Meddling with the history of rocket science.

AF 3
We are learning about ways of presenting (and misrepresenting) scientific results using tables and different types of graph.
Case Studies: Recognizing and using different types of graph, presenting data on the effect of Swine flu vs. the Spanish flu outbreak of 1918 using tables, bar and line graphs.
Mini LAT:Mending damaged joints: the glucosamine sulphate remedy.

AF 4
We are learning about how scientists plan experiments in order to minimize risks and collect reliable data.
Case Studies: The language of variables and the role of fair testing. Review of different methods for collecting data. Risk assessment.
Mini LAT: Finding the best insulator.

AF 5
We are learning about how methods need to be carefully examined, and how data must be evaluated when coming to scientific conclusions.
Case Studies: Fire walking- magic or science? Life from electricity- the work of Andrew Crosse.
Mini LAT: Chromatography and the search for the graffiti vandal.

Year 8 APP Level Assessed Tasks
AF1 AHow do we breathe?(Breathing)
AF1 BBurning magnesium(Elements and Compounds)
AF1 CHow does heat travel?(Energy Transfers)
AF2 AAntibiotics (Microbes and Disease)
AF2 BCarbon Catching(Environment)
AF2 CHearing Hopes (Hearing)
AF3 ABadgers: TB or not TB?(Ecology and Microbes)
AF3 BWhere did the Moon Come From? (Elements and Rocks)
AF3 CCan Military Sonar Kill Whales? (Energy- Sound)
AF4 ABreaking Up Food (Digestion)
AF4 BSalt Extraction (Compounds and Mixtures)
AF4 CInvestigating Insulation(Energy)
AF5 AMetals in Food Chains(Ecology)
AF5 B Cooling Compounds(Compounds and Mixtures)
AF5 C Electromagnetic Strength(Forces)

Year 8 Level Assessed WebQuests
AF 1Invisibility Cloaks: A Look at Models for Light
AF 2Living for the Future: New PArts for Old
AF 3The Deadly Fizz: The Perils of Carbon Dioxide
AF 4Battle of the Sexes: Males Have the Best Memory
AF 5British Bigfoot: The Case for Secretive Hominids